Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Three Letters

Dear Anita Sarkeesian,

I don't have enough praise for your strength and your courage.  I'm so sorry for all of the hateful attacks this misogynist world is throwing at you.  Please know that there are many of us in this fight with you.

With love,
Frank Lee

Dear Everyone Else,

Feminism isn't necessary?  Misogyny is a thing of the past?  Women have it easy?

The nasty level of hatred aimed at Anita Sarkeesian, the energy and volume of it, didn't come out of nowhere.  This is the natural product of a misogynist culture.

The reality of those attacks might frighten you, might make you want to pretend that it's not that bad, that it's just some anonymous joke that went too far, that it's just the Internet and nothing to worry about in real life, that she probably did something to deserve it.

None of that is true.  It is just that bad.  This is genuine hatred on display.  She truly is under attack, and she did nothing to deserve it.  This is real life.

Stop pretending that everything's okay when it so obviously isn't.  Help feminists to fight this, please.

With love,
Frank Lee

Dear Gamers,

You complain that women don't want to date gamers.

You say that women don't play videogames.

Those things aren't true.  But you're doing your goddamned best to make it true, aren't you?

With love,
Frank Lee

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