Friday, July 13, 2012

Dear Jonnie Marbles

Discussions of rape and rape culture ahead.
What made me stop telling rape jokes? [...] Perhaps it was the jaw locking, knuckle clenching effect these jokes were having on the friends I brought along to shows. I'd sit next to them in the audience, see their discomfort, their disgust and realise I was doing the exact same thing up there, whether I knew it or not. Perhaps it was realising just how rarely rape is reported, and how making fun of it makes that less likely still. A lot of comedians say you can make a joke out of anything - and I believe that's true. But when you joke about your grandfather's cancer or the riots, it's a public airing of laundry. It brings some collective fear out into the sunlight to be mocked and defanged. Perhaps I stopped because, in all but a few cases, joking about rape doesn't do that. Instead, when we joke about someone else's secret fear, it drives it deeper into the dark cracks of our national consciousness, only to be spoken of in brutal jest. Whatever the reason, I stopped.
-Jonnie Marbles, "Dear Comedians, And People Like Me Who Think They're Comedians: Please Stop"
Dear Jonnie Marbles,

Thank you.

With love,
Frank Lee

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