Dear Readers

Dear Readers,


This is a progressive feminist space. I strive to be aware of my privilege, to be a good ally, and to be a decent human being.

If you want to

-let me know when I've messed up and been a bad ally
-author a guest post
-draw my attention to a subject you think merits discussion
-offer me money and/or fabulous prizes

please leave a note in comments or contact me privately at frank [delete this space] lee [delete this space, too] blog [insert the at sign here] gmail [insert a period or dot or whatever it pleases you to call it here] com.

If you want to leave hostile, crude, misogynistic feedback, please don't waste your energy or time. Perhaps your anger and creativity would be of more use in other directions.

I hope that you enjoy your stay here!

With love,
Frank Lee

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