Sunday, December 9, 2012

Dear Blizzard

Racial slurs to follow.

Dear Blizzard,

The "player versus player" aspect of World of Warcraft involves a large portion of the playerbase.  The game's best PVP players are involved in internationally broadcast championships.  PVP is an important enough part of the game that there's a section of the website dedicated to it.

If you click that link, it'll take you to lists of the most highly ranked PVP players and teams.

A few of the team names listed today:
iskall suk my deek
purpledrank is fo nagas
We pop Cherrys
shat on ur face
Helen Keller VS Traffic
cap yo shiz
team nignig
naga needs points
Fandom Ruckin Comp
(For anyone reading over my shoulder, "naga" is a kind of water-dwelling humanoid creature in the game.  It also just happens to sound similar to a racial slur.)

A couple of the more egregious player names:
I would guess that these lists are automatically generated, but it would behoove you to keep an eye on them. This is a public website, the face of World of Warcraft and Blizzard Entertainment.

Playing on an RP server and running into characters named "Huntard" and "Monkslol" is bad enough.  Seeing "team nignig" on the game's website is a disgrace.

I wish that you respected your game enough to ensure that its rules weren't broken.

I wish that you respected WOW's community enough to help us fight this kind of behavior.

Please, at least respect your reputation enough to take action.  Add something behind the scenes to flag names with certain letter combinations.  Become more assertive about responding to reports.  Read what's posted on your own website.

With love,
Frank Lee

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