Saturday, February 9, 2013

Dear "Parks and Recreation"

Dear "Parks and Recreation,"

Thank you for a great new episode!  It was smart and funny and fresh, and I really enjoyed a lot of different things about it.

One of the parts I found most interesting was the April-Andy storyline about April trying to rely on Leslie but learning to stand on her own.  It was a great moment of character development for her.

Here's the thing.  On any other show, it would've been reprehensible.  There would have been much more emphasis on Andy's manipulative behavior.  April would have struggled more (you know how women are, with their insecurities!), and Andy would have been highlighted as the strong, loving man who knows she has it in her and goes behind her back to set her up for failure but takes the credit when she pulls through.  It would have been really, very gross, with "men know best!" written all over it.

It felt different in the context of "Parks and Rec" because you've created interesting, complex, progressive characters.  It felt different because you portrayed Andy as supportive.  It felt different because when we see smart, strong women being smart and strong in every episode of your show, we don't have to police every nuance of the show to wonder what you really meant.

Thank you for letting Andy be a supportive partner, and not the manly hero of April's life.

With love,
Frank Lee

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