Friday, November 30, 2012

Dear Blizzard

Dear Blizzard,

I was visiting your on-line store the other day when I saw this item for sale:
World of Warcraft® Penny Arcade 3-Ring Binder 
BradyGames and Penny Arcade have created a collectible, special edition, 2 sided (Horde & Alliance) World of Warcraft binder, featuring World of Warcraft in the classic Penny Arcade style! BradyGames is constantly adding exclusive, online-only binder update content to With this binder comes a registration code allowing you easy access to the files, which you can save to your computer, print in color or black-and-white, and insert into your binder. 
Fans of World of Warcraft and should be sure to pick up this collectible binder while supplies last!
For half of a moment, I actually tried to tell myself that it couldn't be that Penny Arcade.  That you must mean some other Penny Arcade.

Surely you wouldn't have merchandise from that Penny Arcade on your website.  Official, trademarked merchandise on the Blizzard store?

I genuinely hope that you'll reconsider.  It's only one item, so it should be easy to remove.

Don't want to take the item down?  Perhaps you could follow an example set by others and donate the proceeds to Men Can Stop Rape.

If you're wondering why women and feminist allies have trouble with WOW, consider that you're trying to sell Penny Arcade merchandise to them.

For more reading on Penny Arcade:

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With love,
Frank Lee

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